Are you frustrated trying to get your ebook correctly formatted for Kindle? Or, if your ebook’s not finished, are you dreading the formatting process? Either way, guaranteed help is here!

The Easy Kindle Formatting Kit gives you a fast and simple way to format your Word ebook file for Kindle on your first try. This two part kit works whether you’ve finished writing your ebook, are still writing it, or have just begun.

The Easy Kindle Formatting Kit was created by Bill Benitez, of the independent publishing house Positive Imaging, LLC, who has published over 40 books.

The kit includes an easy to use and modify template so you can have control over the final appearance of your ebook and a detailed set of instructions for use with the template or to create your own original file. That’s right, using these instructions you can create your own template to use as often as you choose.

Templates can be helpful but they can also constrain your creativity, not so with the Easy Kindle Formatting Kit template.

Three Easy Ways To Use the Easy Kindle Formatting Kit

1. If your ebook is a finished or partially finished manuscript, you can just copy and past the content and change the titles and subtitles as needed.

2. If you’re just starting your ebook you can create it directly in the template file and once the writing and editing is completed your ebook will be ready to upload.

3. You can use the detailed instructions to create your own original file and not use the template at all and your finished manuscript will be ready to upload successfully.

If you’ve experienced frustration with or dread of formatting your ebook for Kindle, the Easy Kindle Formatting Kit is your answer and it’s yours now for only $14.95 plus sales tax.

In addition to the Template and the Detailed Instructions, the Easy Kindle Formatting Kit includes unlimited email assistance from Bill Benitez to help you publish your ebook on Kindle and he guarantees your satisfaction 100% or your money back.

Get your Easy Kindle Formatting Kit now by clicking on the Buy Now button below and Bill will email the kit to you immediately. Non Paypal users please select Pay with Debit or Credit Card.

For a limited time only Bill will include the following bonuses absolutely free with your purchase.

1. Author Bio Guide with Sample

2. Book Information Guide with Samples for Fiction and Non-Fiction

3. Book Outline Worksheet for Fiction and Non-Fiction

4. Kindle Publishing Checklist for Fiction and Non-Fiction

5. Topic Research and Brainstorming Sheets for Fiction and Non-Fiction for both PC fill in or handwritten fill in.

All of these forms come in Word format and ready to use. These are invaluable guides for those in the beginning stages of writing an ebook.

Put all the Kindle formatting frustration behind you now and get your uploaded ebook accepted by KDP Amazon on the first try. Use the template and instructions on all your ebooks. No downloading necessary. Just click on the Buy Now button below and the complete package is yours for only $14.95. Non Paypal users please select Pay with Debit or Credit Card and Bill will email your Easy Kindle Formatting Kit and all the bonuses listed above in two ready to open zip files.

Remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Try the kit and if it doesn’t work for you just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

Copyright     2017     A. William Benitez